The FACSIMILE Batch Processing Utility.

What is the FACSIMILE Batch Processing Utility?

The Batch Processing Utility allows the user to execute a series of FACSIMILE model runs in an automated sequence. The user can specify which VARIABLES or PARAMETERS are to be changed for each run and the values they are to take.

The values for the individual runs can be specified in a grid within the application or be read from an external file. With an external file it is possible to set-up the application so that only the data in the file need be changed to launch a new sequence of runs without any modifications in the Batch application.
The selected output files and the log files from each run are either renamed with an identity number or copied to a new folder. The process also creates a batch log file which records the values used for each run and the name and location of the output files.

Here are some screenshots of the BatchProcessor tool.




What is required to use the FACSIMILE Batch Processing Utility?

To use the Batch Processing Utility you need the following :-
  1. A working copy of FACSIMILE 4 for Windows.
  2. A working and tested model containing an INITIAL block.

License Requirements

This utility will only run if you have a current maintenance agreement.