What is FACSIMILE for Mac OS X

FACSIMILE for Mac OS X is a command line version of FACSIMILE which runs on the Mac OS X operating system using Intel® processors.

Description and Features

This version of FACSIMILE does not feature the User Interface of the Windows version. This version runs the FACSIMILE Integration Engine directly and is operated from the Terminal.
Models are created and maintained using any text editor, such as the native TextEdit or any editor of choice, for example the free TextWrangler© or BBEdit© (both of these editors can be opened within Terminal).

Output from the integrator is text streams. These can be be analysed and graphed in any of the many analysis tools available for MAC OS X (e.g. Microsoft Excel©). OS X contains comprehensive automation tools which can be used to create a custom workflow for processing your model output.
FACSIMILE for Mac comes with scripts for running models and for running models with a series of predefined inputs (as with the BatchProcessor for the Windows version). A utility for maintaining the integrator work space file is also provided.

The MAC OS X version is licensed by means of a hardware license key (dongle). You can install the software on any number of machines but it will only run when the dongle is attached.